Shavlik NetChk Protect

Shavlik NetChk Protect 7.6

Shavlik NetChk Protect enables you to scan and patch offline virtual machines
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Shavlik’s Patch Plus simplifies and automates the systems management challenges most relevant to today’s IT environments. In 30 minutes or less, you will start managing your physical and virtual assets, software, patches, antivirus, and energy costs. Patch Plus delivers enterprise IT capabilities without the enterprise cost or complexity.

The Patch Plus approach leverages Shavlik’s easy to use and manage NetChk Console to address organizations’ top priorities. Patch Plus bundles Shavlik’s best-in-class patch management with asset inventory, power management, and antivirus protection in an easy-to-use, centralized console to simplify and automate the top IT management challenges faced by today’s IT environments. By bundling additional features along with Shavlik’s industry leading agentless asset discovery and broad, trusted application (Microsoft and 3rd party apps) update capabilities in a single console, organizations increase their operational efficiency without increasing management overhead or costs, and puts time back in the day of the IT Administrator.

Main Features :

- Agentless and Agent-Based Solution : Shavlik offers the industry’s only solution that blends Agentless and Agent-based operations providing a configurable architecture that meets the needs of diverse enterprise environments. In places where Agents are a necessity, we offer an extremely flexible and powerful Agent while our Agentless implementation provides complete coverage and reduces the management overhead related to deploying agents.

- Antivirus + Antispyware : Powered by the Sunbelt VIPRE Enterprise Antivirus + Antispyware engine, Shavlik NetChk Protect delivers superior patch plus AV in a single agent for about the cost of your AV only solution.

- Minimize Energy Costs, Maximize Patch Coverage : In the US alone, more than $2.8 billion of PC power is wasted every year by not shutting down or reducing the power state of computers when not in use. But care must be taken to ensure sleeping computers receive software updates (patches). With NetChk Protect Plus Power Management, administrators have centralized control to power machines off in the evenings and on weekends AND wake machines up to deploy critical security patches. Your company gets the best of both worlds – they get Greener IT and maximize patch coverage.

- Shavlik- Only Vendor Patching Offline Virtual Machines : Shavlik Technologies has developed a way to patch all virtual machines, even those that are offline. This ensures that offline virtual images can be in a constant state of readiness to be deployed.

IT staff can quickly verify and report that 100% of the organization’s vulnerable machines – physical, virtual, and offline – have received a specific critical patch and are protected.

- Find and Track Your Physical and Virtual Assets : Shavlik’s unique agent-based and agentless architecture provides the industry’s most comprehensive asset and dynamic asset discovery. In minutes you’ll find physical and virtual machines you didn’t know you had and software you didn’t know was installed. The flexibility provided by this hybrid approach enables you to address every machine in your enterprise -- from stationary machines to frequently disconnected devices to machines located in the DMZ to machines in locations with bandwidth constraints.

- Any Patch, Anywhere Technology : And Shavlik doesn’t just find missing patches, we deploy them too. Shavlik NetChk Protect scans Microsoft and third party applications running on the machines in your network. It assesses the current patch status of those machines and enables you to deploy any missing patches. In addition, Shavlik NetChk Protect also provides a custom patch editor that enables you to create and maintain custom patches on your machines. This enables you to patch virtually any program on your network.

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